Helixir - helicraft - HELIXIR - Helicraft / Dub 4 P - Boomkat

Industrial strength dubstep styles from the ever on-it 7even records with the second release from Helixir knocking out two sides of chiselled post-hardcore structures for the rave crew. 'Helicraft' is a damn smart mover on the A-side, striking ruff and tough with a determined flow of rattling industro-tech drums and angular synth stabs moulded into a 140bpm rhythm compatible with the heavy and techier side of artists like Anstam, T++ or Scuba. 'Dub 4 P' plonks itself on the B-side with a mechanical tech stepper sounding like Paradox producing dubstep in a bad mood with bomb drop synth explosions and a tense halfstep swing. There's no messing with this crew, deadly heavy dance weapons each and every time. Tip!

Helixir - HelicraftHelixir - HelicraftHelixir - HelicraftHelixir - Helicraft